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    Ethyl acetate technical A (AUSS 8981-78)
    Ethyl acetate A urethane grade (AUSS 8981-78)
    Butyl acetate technical A (AUSS 8981-78)
    Isobutyl acetate A (TS 13-00279901-6-92)

    Solvent 646 (AUSS 18188-72)
Water content as Fisher, wt %
Relative volatility (as ethyl ether)
Acid number, mg KOH/g
Coagulation number on benzene, min
Suitability for nitro-enamel delution
Colourless transparent liquid
2 max
0.06 max
After drying coating has a Smooth surface without mat or White spots
It is used in lacquer-paint industry (as solvent for nitro-lacquers and nitro-enamels, organosilicon enamels, furniture lacquers and others), in textile, aviation and other branches of industry.

    Complex leather solvent (CLS)
    Solvent E-80 (TS 134000-177-35-85)

 Charcoal products

    Charcoal (AUSS 7657-84, A, sort 1)
    Charcoal carbonizer (AUSS 2407-83)
    Active carbon BAU-A (AUSS 6217-74)
    Active carbon BAU-Ac (AUSS 6217-74)
    Active carbon BAU-MF (AUSS 6217-74)
    Active carbon DAK (AUSS 6217-74)
    Active carbon OU-A (AUSS 4453-74)
    Active carbon OU-B (AUSS 4453-74)
    Active carbon OU-V (AUSS 4453-74)
    Woody broadleaved resin (TS 13-0281078-81-89)
    Birchbark pitch, sort 1( 13-0273219-24-90)
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